Sometimes,you get months or even years to prepare for a move. But other times,you get weeks or even days.

Thereare many reasons why you might need to move with little preparationtime. Maybe you just got a job offer, or you had a family emergency,or you sold your house more quickly than you expected to. Whateverthe reason, there are a few steps you can take to make yourlast-minute move go smoothly.

Createa Timeline

Movingcan involve dozens of tasks, and thinking about all of them can makeyour head spin. To figure out what to do at which time, write down amoving timeline.

Payattention to the basic order in which you should complete commonmoving tasks:

  1. Book a movingcompany
  2. Sort yourbelongings and give away unneeded belongings
  3. Gather movingsupplies
  4. Notify employers,schools, doctors, and utility companies
  5. Pack non-essentialbelongings
  6. Clean your house
  7. Pack essentialbelongings
  8. Clean out yourrefrigerator

Whilemost moving timelines encourage you to start months before your move,you don't have that luxury. You'll need to adjust your timeline tofit your short timeframe.

Basedon the amount of time you have, write on your calendar when you'llneed to complete each task.

Askfor Help

Nowthat you have a moving timeline, you can ask family members andfriends to help you with the various tasks. Find the right people forthe right tasks. For example, maybe your friend George is a pro atcleaning or your Aunt Mary is skilled at packing and organizing.

Yourchildren can do their part, too. As long as they have some direction,older children can pack their own bedrooms and bathrooms.

Whenyou find people to help you, the moving process can go much smoother.

GiveAway As Much as Possible

Themore belongings you give away, the fewer belongings you have tomove—and the more time you'll save. Thus, you should give away asmany belongings as possible. If you don't have time to hold a yardsale, give the items to friends or to a local thrift store orcommunity organization.

Somecharities will pick up your things for you so you don't have to worryabout dropping them off yourself. You could also hire a company topick up your unneeded belongings.


Sinceyou're moving at the last minute, you don't have much time to collectmoving supplies. So how can you get the supplies you need quicklywithout paying a fortune?

Oneoption is to post on a social media site that you're looking forsupplies. People who have extra moving supplies can see your post anddonate their supplies.

Anotherway is to check big-box stores like Costco and Walmart and see ifthey're giving away any boxes.

Somemoving companies offer free moving supplies just for getting anestimate. Take advantage of this option if possible.

Packin Order

Inan attempt to save time, you might want to quickly throw everythingyou own into boxes. However, you can avoid confusion and chaos bypacking your belongings in the right order. You should packnon-essential belongings first and essential belongings last.

Startout by packing items from your garage and storage areas. Next, packitems you don't need right away, such as books, DVDs, off-seasonclothes, decorations, and photos. Now, pack any remaining items inthe rooms you don't use as often, such as your living room and guestrooms. Finally, pack all remaining items in your kitchen, bedrooms,bathrooms, play rooms, and offices.

Makesure to pack a separate bag of items you'll need on moving day, suchas clothes and toiletries.

Throwa Moving Party

Sinceyou're moving quickly, you don't have time to visit each friendindividually. Instead, throw a party so you can say goodbye to allyour friends at once. A moving party has a dual purpose: you can saygoodbye to your friends and you can benefit from their packing andmoving help.

Ifyou don't get a chance to say goodbye to all your friends, you canalways send them thank you cards with your new address after youmove.

Finda Moving Company that Handles Last-Minute Moves

Sinceyou don't have much time, a moving company can be a lifesaver. Withyears of experience behind them, moving companies can pack, move, andstore your belongings much quicker than you could.

Notevery moving company is willing to sign on for a last-minute move.Make sure to find a moving company that's willing to book moves onshort notice.

Movinglast minute doesn't have to be a disaster. Follow these tips totransform your last-minute move from stressful to successful. ModernMovers can move you within 24 hours' notice. Contact us todayfor a free estimate.