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Piano Movers in Southwest Florida


Trust Modern Movers to carefully and professionally move your piano with the utmost respect it deserves.

For three decades, Modern Movers has been Southwest Florida's piano moving company of choice.

We know your piano is special to you and Modern Movers can guarantee it will be moved with the greatest care and caution. Whether it's across town, across the state, or around the world, you can rest assured that your piano will look and sound exactly the same no matter how far it travels.

Our Certified Piano Movers focus on moving your piano correctly and politely. We have all the equipment and expertise to leave you stress and worry-free regarding the move of your precious piano. Pianos are heavy, yet extremely delicate instruments and we only allow our specially trained professionals to transport them.

Our Certified Piano Movers have the knowledge and techniques to prevent damage to the piano case and its intricate mechanics. Pianos always have a special place in the heart of the owner, so trust Modern Movers to take care of your beloved Steinway Piano, Baldwin Piano, Kawai Piano and more.

Modern Movers has the capacity and capability to move Studio Pianos, Baby Grand Pianos, Concert Grand Pianos, and more. We move pianos in, around, and out of many areas in Southwest Florida. Our company manages various piano moves in Bonita Springs, Naples, Golden Gate, Marco Island, Estero, San Carlos Park, Fort Myers, Sanibel, and Captiva.

As Certified Piano Movers in Southwest Florida, Our Services Include:

  • Upright (Vertical) Piano Moves
  • Grand (Horizontal) Piano Moves
  • Electric Piano Moves
  • Professional disassembly and assembly of pianos, if necessary
  • International Piano Relocations
  • Local, Regional, State, and Cross-Country Piano Relocations
  • Residential, Commercial, and Business Piano Moves

We also offer convenient and affordable, temperature-controlled storage in the area to preserve the wood and proper tuning of your piano.

Accurate, Written Estimates in Advance – No Bait and Switch on Moving Day.

Call today and speak with one of our expert Modern Mover Coordinators. We highly recommend an in-home visit in advance so they can identify where extra steps or special care may be required when moving your piano.

We Provide:

  • Written estimates. No surprise fees.
  • Mover's insurance and liability protection or full valuation for your piano
  • Well-maintained and fully equipped trucks, including ramps and dollies
  • Residence protection pads to protect indoor/outdoor furniture, railings, tight corners, and doors
  • Carpet and hardwood covers to keep your floors clean and unscratched throughout the relocation of your piano

We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau and a proud member of the American Moving & Storage Association. Call Now For An Estimate: (800) 226-4663